Having 1 vendor do multiple things may be easier and seem less stressful but it likely will impact quality and the look of the event. Quality is important don't be lazy.

Make sure when planning your event, to get the contracts from each vendor so you can make sure you know what you are receiving.  Trust your vendor to do what they said they would do!

Fight the temptation to overanalyze if you are making the right choice for your event. Keep going forward! Don't dwell and focus on other things that need to be done for your event.

As a client, be realistic with what you want and get based on your budget.  You can't always get the whole 🎂.  Work with your vendors to get what you want while being flexible.

Don’t let vendors over sell you with excess things, get a second opinion from others like your planner or other seasoned vendors. Most vendors will give their honest opinion to help their client as much as possible.  

When getting lighting for your event make sure the vendor is passionate and understands light design.  Many vendors do multiple things for each event and passively do lighitng as an easy way to make money.  Sometimes that is good enough but when doing a proper event, m...

Choose vendors who give you ideas and help, NOT ones who just go thru the motions to get paid. You want to get vendors who are passionate about what they do and are experts!

Event costs have gone up! Remember that labor & overhead costs are increasing, so think when budgeting. Always keep a 10% buffer available for going over budget!

Remember getting the cheapest deal doesn't always means it's a good thing. Going with the most expensive is also not the right thing.  You should engage the vendor and see if you mesh with them and trust what they have to say.

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Owner David Cohan's Pärdē Advice For Clients 

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